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Monthly Social Media Content Package

Base Price: $3000 per month


  • Videos:  12 short-form videos per month, each up to 60 seconds long, optimized for social media.

  • Content Types:  Mix of product highlights, behind-the-scenes looks, mini-interviews, how-tos and engaging clips designed to boost interaction (likes, shares, comments) and brand visibility.

  • Pre-Production:  Initial monthly content planning session to align on themes, messages and specific campaign goals.  This includes content brainstorming and basic scripting / storyboarding for each video.

  • Post-Production:  Editing, color correction, basic motion graphics (text overlays, logo animation for intro/outro) royalty-free music and up to 2 rounds of revisions per video.

  • Optimization:  Formatting videos for optimal performance on chosen social platforms (Square for IG, 9:16 for TikTok and IG Reels, 16:9 for Facebook and LInkedIn)

  • Analytics Review:  Monthly analytics review meeting to discuss video performance, insights and adjustments for future content planning.

  • Base Price includes everything listed in the deliverables.

  • Variable Factors that can affect pricing include the complexity of video concepts, additional filming locations, special equipment needs (like drones or car rigs) hiring talent or models, advanced motion graphics or animations and any travel expenses if shooting is required outside of the standard service area (30 Mile Radius from Temecula)

Optional Add-Ons (Additional Cost)

  • Expedited Turnaround:  (1 Week) + 50% of total cost

  • Additional Videos:  $250 to $500 per additional video, reflecting the full production cycle from pre-production planning to post-production edits.  This range accounts for the complexity and production value of each additional video.

  • Longer Format Videos:  Creation of videos longer than 60 seconds to cater to platforms allowing more extended content (YouTube, Fb or X)  $500 to $1000 per video, depending on length and complexity.  For example, videos up to 2 minutes long may be on the lower end, while videos up to 5 minutes could be on the higher end.

  • Social Media Strategy consulting:  Comprehensive strategy developement including hashtag research, posting schedules and engagement tactics.  $500 to $1500 per month, depending on the depth of the strategy, number of platforms covered and whether ongoing analytics and adjustment consultations are included.

  • Content Calendar Development:  Full content calendar creation for client's social media, integrating the videos with other posts for a cohesive social strategy.  $300 to $600 per month.  This involves strategic planning and scheduling, ensuring a balanced mix of content types and themes throughout the month.


Brand Story Package

Base Price:  $5000 per month

Brand Story Package – Monthly Retainer

The Brand Story Package as a monthly retainer is tailored for businesses and entrepreneurs aiming to enhance their brand presence and connect deeply with their audience through compelling storytelling. This package focuses on producing content that not only showcases the brand's products or services but also highlights its values, mission, and the people behind it. It's particularly effective for building personal brands who wish to stand out in a competitive market by sharing their unique stories, values, and successes.

Target Audience: Real estate agents, entrepreneurs, small to medium-sized businesses, and any professionals seeking to build or enhance their personal brand through storytelling.


  • Videos: 2-3 high-quality brand storytelling videos per month, each 2-5 minutes long. These videos could include agent profiles, client testimonials, behind-the-scenes looks at the business, community involvement stories, and highlighted property tours that convey the agent's unique approach and successes.

  • Content Development: Initial strategy session to identify key brand messages, story arcs, and the overall content plan. Monthly planning meetings to discuss upcoming stories, themes, and goals.

  • Scriptwriting and Storyboarding: Professional scriptwriting services to craft engaging narratives. Storyboarding for complex shoots to visualize the story flow.

  • Production: Full-day or multiple half-day shoots per month, including high-quality video and audio capture, drone footage for aerial views of properties and neighborhoods, and lighting as needed to ensure professional production values.

  • Post-Production: Editing to weave together narratives with interviews, property footage, and b-roll, including color grading, sound design, and the addition of licensed music. Custom graphics and lower thirds to reinforce the brand identity, and two rounds of revisions per video.

  • Personal Branding Consultation: Ongoing consultation to align video content with the agent's personal branding goals, ensuring each piece contributes to building a consistent and compelling brand image.

  • Distribution Strategy Guidance: Recommendations on how to best distribute and utilize the video content across various platforms (e.g., social media, YouTube, the agent's website) to maximize reach and engagement.

  • Performance Review: Bi-monthly review of video performance and audience engagement, with insights and adjustments for future content planning.

Optional Add-Ons (For Additional Fees):

  • Additional Videos: For clients needing more than the included videos, priced at $1,000 - $2,000 per additional video, depending on length and complexity.

  • Social Media Clips: Short-form content derived from the main videos, optimized for social media platforms, priced at $300 - $500 per clip.

  • Extended Production: Additional shooting days for capturing extensive property portfolios or special events, priced according to the scope required.

  • Advanced Post-Production Techniques: Including 3D animations or virtual tours, starting at $600 per video.

  • Expedited Delivery: Faster turnaround for urgent projects, priced at an additional 20% of the monthly retainer fee.


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Service Name

Heading 5

This is your Services Page. It's a great opportunity to provide information about the services you provide. Double click on the text box to start editing your content and make sure to add all the relevant details you want to share with site visitors.

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